What our Parents Say

This is what our parents say about Peartree Way.  If you would like to find out more, please contact the school to arrange a visit.  We look forward to sharing our Nursery and Pre-School with you.

“L always loves coming to Nursery.  As parents we have always thought that Nursery is a fantastic place too.

Both inside and outside spaces have been used well and I know from what L says, she has lots of fun.

I think that the special experiences at Nursery such as making pizza faces, making bread, tasting Chinese food etc. makes the days even more fun and L always tells us about the things she’s enjoyed doing.

L loves Forest School and the hot chocolate and biscuit ends it off perfectly for her!”

“I know my son loves to go to Nursery every day and always comes home with a smile and a story to tell.  He really values his time at Nursery and has many friends.  I consider this is largely due to the excellent staff who give the children space to learn and develop.  So thank you all so much”

“E has taken quite a while to settle but it has been lovely how much effort there has been to help him feel cared for and welcome when he arrives.  Also there has been a lot of reassurance to me that he is OK when he is here which has been lovely!”

“M is very happy at Peartots.  Any concerns I have had – for example, her going to the toilet – has been addressed and I’ve been updated.  The staff are all very approachable and happy to help.”

“A has settled in really well and looks forward to coming to school.  A loves playing in the outdoor area at school.

Overall this is a lovely school, staff are friendly and approachable.”

“R has had tremendous support and we feel she is progressing well and hitting all her targets.”

“D loves Nursery, which is the most important aspect for me.  He (and I) are extremely well supported in terms of both care and learning – the staff consists of many passionate, enthusiastic and capable individuals.  He loves the outdoor space and Forest School aspects, and these are aiding his growing imagination J”