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At Peartree Way Nursery School we believe good attendance is essential if children are to be settled and take full advantage of the learning and development opportunities available to them. At a young age continuity and consistency are important contributors to a child’s well-being and progress.

Our aim is to create a culture in which good attendance is ‘normality’ and valued – to value the individual and be socially and educationally inclusive – to be consistent in implementation of our policy and procedures.

All parents are made aware of the importance of regular attendance prior to entry and of the importance of collecting children on time.

The school collates and monitors attendance information for all children each half term in line with safeguarding good practice.

All parents are made aware of the expectation that they inform the school by telephone or email on the first day of absence. If a child is absent for a second day without notification the school will contact the family by telephone to find out the reason for the absence. If the child is known to Social Care they will be informed of any absence. If after one week there has been no contact the school will send a letter to the family. If there is still no response after a further week the school will inform the Hertfordshire Attendance Team.

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